ECE Operators (Hamilton/Tauranga): Save $000s on your property costs & understand market trends.

Come and listen to insights on ECE market trends, ways to save property costs and other tips to make the most of your centre’s real estate.

Description of event:
Hamilton - 15/10/19 - (9:45am-11:15am)
Tauranga - 15/10/19 - (2:45pm- 4:15pm)
Presented by: ChildcareSales and Occupize
This is an opportunity for prospective and current ECE tenants and operators seeking to optimise and understand key aspects of property and the ECE market. The workshop will discuss ways on how you can save money on your lease, ways to reduce risk, the general market and how to optimise your sale value with a good lease in place.
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Limited Spaces, so sign up quick!